jeudi 30 mai 2019

Meeting a writer in exile: Asli Erdogan

After exile...?

Asli Erdogan with Jean Jauniaux during book fair in Bruxelles 2017

In the framework of the ICORN-PEN International congress, held in Rotterdam from 29 to 31 may 2019, we interviewed the turkish novelist and writer Asli Erdogan.
She tells us what is the meaning of writing and living in exile, since we last met her in 2018 after she was released from the turkish jail where she had been detained during months.
A sensible testimony about what is post trauma, losing language, finding ways of writing and living...but also expecting with anxiety the future, knowing that, despite her fame, the exile f Asli Erdogan is reaching an "administrative" end, in four months...

To be listened with empathy but also trying to provide answers to pragmatic questions avoiding Asli Erdogan to become an illegal migrant outside Turkey and no longer a writer in exile.

The interview is to be listened on the soundcloud of LIVRaison, the blog of PEN Belgique

Jean Jauniaux
30 May 2019